Thanks to the use of foamed polyethylene (PE) as insulation, but also as a stabiliser and structural reinforcement, BPLAST insulated containers work for the most demanding customers. Today, with our containers we reach out primarily to fish processing plants, slaughterhouses and meat plants as well as poultry producers. Notably, thanks to the use, as the first, of detection material for containers, we reach food processing plants where the highest sanitary regime criteria must be met.


The food safety of our insulated containers is confirmed by numerous certificates and attestations, including the most important for the Polish market - the National Hygiene Institute certificate and the Sanitary Inspectorate test. These reinforced boxes are already a transport standard in waste management companies for Cat.3 / Cat.3 (Not for human consumption). BPLAST containers can also be found in the non-food waste management sector, such as used batteries or rubble, where their extremely robust construction can cope with impacts and high dynamic and static loads.


Industries served

  • i1.pngfish processing
  • i2.pngpoultry processing
  • i3.pngmeat processing
  • i4.pngdetection material
  • i5.pngwaste management
  • i6.pngrental
  • i7.pngothers