Brand new production line

The installation of a state-of-the-art rotomoulding plastic processing line was completed in recent days. From the very beginning, the line was designed and built with BPLAST's insulated containers in mind.

- Over the past several months, during the time of a pandemic, have made many entrepreneurs realise how strong companies are. The question that had to be answered in many cases was whether this was a time to grow or a time to fold. We, thank goodness, have our vector set in the right direction and for the past 20 years we have consistently moved in the direction it points us. The pandemic has not stopped us, on the contrary, it has forced us to think about our future more intensively than ever before and motivated us to speed up even more and get out of convenient ready-made solutions like relying on subcontractors. Today, we keep all components and production stages in one hand, in one place and continue to invest," said Tomasz Budrewicz, owner of BPLAST.