Insulated buggy

Plastic insulated buggy meat trolleys are used in food processing plants, particularly in the meat, fish and poultry industries. They are also ideal for applications requiring the efficient transport of Cat. 3 waste. They enable convenient transport between workstations. The plastic buggy meat trolleys weigh just 22kg and have a capacity of 200 litres. Our containers are considerably lighter than comparable stainless steel versions and, thanks to special wheels, are also considerably quieter (the difference in noise scale when filling and transporting products is an average of 17dB- compared to stainless steel versions). The outer and inner surface of our plastic trolleys is completely smooth, which allows for easy and quick cleaning and reduces cleaning costs. The foamed polyethylene (PE) insulation ensures the safety of the transported product. The trolleys are equipped with an ergonomic handle for convenient handling.
insulated buggy meat trolley, 820x720x700mm, material PE, insulation - PUR or PE foam, capacity 200L
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External dimension: 820 x 720 x 700 mm
Construction: base and sides reinforced, smooth,
base on 4 wheels
Colour:   red | blue | white | yellow
Wheel colour:     white
Capacity in litres:     200 L
Weight:   22 kg
Material:  polyethylene (PE)
Insulation: polyurethane (PUR) / polyethylene (PE)

Freezer work !
Insulated containers - freezer operation: The use of insulated containers for freezing their contents is not recommended due to the possibility of structural damage. Throwing frozen goods into insulated containers is prohibited, any damage caused by sharp edges and/or the weight of frozen items will not be covered by the warranty.
Actual dimensions may vary +/- 3% from those stated in the product specification.