BPLAST insulated containers are manufactured at our production plant in Słupsk using a plastic processing method known as rotomoulding, in other words, rotational moulding. The mould is usually divided into two or more parts and is filled with powdered plastic granulate inside and finally placed in an oven. There, it is transformed into a liquid at a high temperature of approx. 300 °C. After removal from the oven, the mould is rotated on two axes so that the liquid material settles on the walls of the mould. The mould is then cooled, opened and the finished workpiece is extracted.


BPLAST containers are filled internally with foamed polyethylene (PE), which provides the final product with unique mechanical properties. For the production of our insulated containers, we use only 1-A material from reputable and recognised plastic suppliers. Importantly, our products, are based on recipes developed by our own research and development department. The containers are robust, impact-resistant, easy to repair, provide thermal insulation and are recyclable. As a manufacturer, we fulfil special orders by producing containers in special colours, with numbering and customer logos. In addition, the containers can be fitted with drain holes at the production stage, depending on the customers needs. The same applies to the additional central foot to reinforce the container in the event of overload.​​​​​​​